” 05/08/2015


Nice speaking with you. Again, HeartSavior is a wonderful supplement for we with high cholesterol. I have been taking it for a few years as statins were not an option for me. When I started on HeartSavior my total cholesterol was 331.

My current total cholesterol levels 170 mg/dl
HDL 76
LDL 82 mg/dl
thank you so much for quite a great supplement.




” Thank you for all of your advice Gary

I started taking Heart Savior after my sister told me that her friend was taking it and had great success. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work for me. My Cholesterol level was at 300. I dropped down to 180 after taking the supplement. I also learned that it is not necessary to take the supplement A half hour before you eat in the morning and in the evening , but it is recommended. Thank you Heart Savior. “


Lori Neiderman – Fountain Hills, Arizona

“In August 2012, my doctor tested my cholesterol level and the results were (LDL) as 118. She immediately issued me a prescription for Lipitor. I read the side effects of Lipitor and I was shocked to think that a doctor would give me a prescription with such serious side effects.

Muscle spasms – once the muscle is damaged it does not repair itself. Memory loss, fatigue on and on. My friend at work told me about Heart Savior. I researched the product on the internet and also called and spoke to Cassy. Cassy assured me that my levels would go down with proper diet and exercise and of course the Heart Savor would help to maintain lower levels of cholesterol. I ordered Heart Savior and after a month my LDL went down 40 points.

I just order another four months of Heart Savior. This product works – I am proof. Plus Heart Savior does not have any serious side effects. Thank you Cassy.”

Lori Neiderman – Fountain Hills, Arizona

I. H., Urbandale, IA

“My cholesterol has always ran somewhere between 190-300 for about 20 years. I am unable to take statins due to muscle involvement so I do take Zetia 10mg and have for about four years. I have also tried multiple herbal remedies suggested by friends to no avail. I started your product last fall after my lipid readings in September were: Cholesterol 285; HDL 43; Triglicerides 140. I did not exercise, lose weight, etc. In January my lipid profile results were as follows:

Cholesterol 189;
Triglicerides 123;
HDL 51;
and LDL 113. My husband is a family practice physician and was astounded after years of attempting control without success and now these numbers. Needless to say, I will continue on your product and hope to maintain the same results.”

I. H., Urbandale, IA

M. W., Bradenton, FL

“Hi! Just want to thank you for your help and to let you know that I’m extremely satisfied with the product and so is my cardiologist. I have always enjoyed a nice low cholesterol but still was shocked to have found a heart blockage which resulted in a stent. Because I have none of the markers for heart problems, my doctor told me I’m in a percentage of people who, even though they have low cholesterol, can develop this problem. After beginning a starch free diet just before discovering my heart problem, my cholesterol shot up to 214… which it usually is in the 150’s… I was shocked… however, my system began to balance out and I lost 30 lbs. In the mean time had to get my numbers back down. I didn’t want to take prescription drugs and asked my doctor if he would let me try a natural means and he said OK… needless to say, we are both thrilled as it dropped my numbers by 60 points in the first 5 months and now I’m back to my lovely low numbers once again. So, I say thank you and want you to know how much I appreciate your product…I promote it whenever I have the opportunity and I think my doctor does too!”

M. W., Bradenton, FL

R. H., Manchester, IA

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU !! I am a 60 year old active male in good health, except my cholesterol has been a little high for the past 5 years. On 11/04/08 my cholesterol was 224 and my LDLs were 157. I then started taking four of your HeartSavior pills each day, and now on 02/13/09 my cholesterol is 190 and my LDLs are 123 ! WOW was I pleased with the results. I give all the credit to your fantastic product, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who needs to lower their cholesterol!”

R. H., Manchester, IA

S. J., Melvin Village, NH

“I just wanted to follow up and let you folks now how successful my taking the Heart Savior has been; in three months (including a low fat diet, and exercise of course) my total cholesterol went from 247 down to 207; my HDL from 58 to 51, my LDL from 169 to 144 and my triglycerides from 98 to 62; my physician is very pleased with my improvement and I also lost 10 pounds, and my blood pressure has been running in the low range now and today it was 114/70. Thank you for such a wonderful product, because I had such severe reactions to statin drugs and I refuse to be put on another one!! Sandra Johnson”

S.J., Melvin Village, NH

A. M., Artesia, CA

“My Doctor was very concerned about my triglceride which were 212. I did not want to go on a prescription statin drug and looked for an alternative. I found LipidShield Plus and after only 3 months my triglycerides went from 212 to 135. My Doctor and I were amazed.

Thanks for a terrific product.”

A. M., Artesia, CA

J. Z., Camp Hill, PA

“I think you have a excellent product. I was blown away at the results and so was my Doctor. My doctor did not know what I was taking and on the blood test results she wrote AMAZING RESULTS on it! Thanks,”

J. Z., Camp Hill, PA

B. B., Potos, MO

“I have battled with high cholesterol for 20 years. The Doctors put me on every statin available with little success. Eventually I developed muscle damage proven by blood tests. Both legs would tingle and go numb. I knew I could no longer take those medications. I have tried Zetia, Welchol, Niaspin and others that bypass the liver and work in the intestines. Then developed a rash over my entire body, again had to stop those meds. My cholesterol had risen to 415 with a low HDL and a high LDL. Exercising and diet alone, still, with little success. Fortunately, I found your product on-line. I took an entire bottle, 2 tabs twice a day and, along with diet and exercise, today my cholesterol is 259. I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have never believed testimonies on the I-net, but today, I could prove to you what happened after I took Heart Savior for 30 days. Thanks again,”

B. B., Potos, MO

F. R., Rincon, GA

“I started using Heart Savior January 2,2009.


Cholesterol #’s: 12-15-08 04-18-09
Total cholesterol 213 165
HDL 52 53
LDL 142 95
Triglycerides 96 86

My doctor was amazed. I would recommend your product to anyone!


F. R., Rincon, GA

L. W., India

“Several months ago I found your product on the Internet as I am allergic to all Statin drugs. I changed my diet to vegetarian and began taking Heart Savior. My labs on 9/04/08 showed:

Cholesterol: 264
Triglycerides: 86
HDL Direct: 67
LDL: 179

Then the above was rechecked on 11/10/08 and showed:

Cholesterol: 236
Triglycerides: 84
HDL: 62
LDL: 157

Then here in India 01/15/09, I had my labs done and they showed:

Cholesterol: 205.3
Triglycerides: 79.9
HDL Direct: 62
LDL: 127.32
VLDL: 15.98
LDL/HDL Ratio: 2.054
Cholesterol/HDL Chol ratio: 3.311

I am so grateful for your Heart Savior.”

L. W., India

C. D., Hermosa Beach, FL

“At 29 years old, I had high levels of plaque and calcium in my blood vessels indicating a stroke or heart attack risk. After taking (Heart Savior) for 9 months, my cardiologist tested me with a retina scanner and the plaque and calcium had dissipated. I was thrilled!”

C. D., Hermosa Beach, FL

A.B. Sarasota, FL

“I am a 54 year old female with family history(mother) of heart disease. My Total cholesterol was 240, triglycerides-109, hdl 55, ldl-167. I took various supplements and before I started Heart Savior in Jan. 08 when my total cholesterol was 228, HDL was 62 and my LDL was 154. After 5 months on Heart Savior my total cholesterol was 191, HDL was 68 and LDL was 110 ( 28 % reduction after 5 months). I had tried various therapies to reduce my cholesterol in the past and all failed, but Heart Savior has effectively reduced it!! “

A.B. Sarasota, FL

L. R., Obispo, CA

“My HDLS (the good cholesterol) went from 40 to 45.
My LDL went from 184 to 155.
My triglycerides went from 133 to 120.
And my ratio went from 6.4 to 5.0.
My Doctor could not believe that a natural product could deliver such incredible results.”

L. R., Obispo, CA

R. S. Melbourne, FL

“I was put on statin drugs by my Heart Doctor, but they did not bring my cholesterol into the normal range plus I was experiencing bad side effects. I found Heart Savior and got my cholesterol down to 158 with no side effects. Even my doctors were impressed!”

R. S., Melbourne, FL

B. M., Orange County, CA

“My cholesterol had been slowly creeping up over the years. In March of 2007 my total cholesterol was up to 235 (HDL=49, LDL=155, VLDL=31). I started soluble fiber to lower my cholesterol, which brought it down to 221 (HDL=49, LDL=150, VLDL=22), but my doctor wanted it lower. He wanted to put me on statins. I tried Heart Savior. 4 months after starting Heart Savior my cholesterol was down to 156 (HDL=45, LDL=89, VLDL=21). He was impressed, so was I.

I am another happy customer (with much lower cholesterol).”

B. M., Orange County, CA

D. R., Brigham, UT

“I am delighted with your Heart Savior formula !! My cholesterol levels in Aug of 2008. Was 208. HDL was 64, LDL was 128 and triglycerides 83. After 3 months my levels have dropped and good HDL has raised substantially. Total cholesterol is 179 HDL 76 LDL 97 and triglycerides 34. Thank You “

D. R., Brigham, UT

L. S., Tuckerton, NJ

“I’m not one who believes in testimonials, I think they’re heresay and I’m certainly not one to write one myself. But here goes…. I’ve always had good HDL but for the last 5 years my LDL has been creeping up to 129. My doctor wanted me to take Lipitor but I wanted to try something natural first since my brother-in-law had such bad side-effects from this drug. I’ve been taking Heart Savior since June along with a low-fat diet and exercise. I’m happy to say my LDL is now 97 and my total cholesterol went down to 195. My cardiologist is very pleased and so am I.”

L. S., Tuckerton, NJ


“Dear Gary Stanton,
I have tried cholesterol lowering drugs and has a lot of side effects. Then went to fish oils, they were the purest most expensive I could buy. Fish oils didn’t work. I have now tried HeartSavior for over 2 months. I just had my labs checked. The good cholesterol was up, the bad ones down. I am amazingly overjoyed. “


Testimonials from our Amazon Customers


Amazing pill to lower your cholesterol with natural herbs.

Its a miracle. I happened to donate my blood. I was shocked with the results. My cholesterol went down from 235 to 180 in just 10 days of using heart savior. These pills are magical. Its a drop of 55 points. I am using it right now. I don’t have any side effects so far. You should only avoid alcohol, cigarettes, grapefruit and certain drugs while taking these pills. I used to take freshly squeezed juice as my breakfast and dinner and some food in the afternoon as lunch. I avoided meat altogether and had fish twice a week. Although, I was juicing from three months there was no drop in cholesterol level. But, when I started using these pills. In just 10 day. OMG. These pills are amazing. I am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

– By raghuon May 11, 2012

It lowered my Cholestrol, IT WORKED!

I tried several products with no results. My cholestrol was 235 and now has dropped to 156 using Heart Savior.  The numbers don’t lie. I’ve never written a review about any product in my life but felt strongly enough about this product to write one.

– Jamneonon November 7, 2012

Works for me where many drugs failed and nearly made me a cripple

I’ve been using “Heart Savior” for several years. After trying EVERY statin and cholesterol drug on the market, I tried these. For years using the various drugs, my Cholesterol was still over 400 and Triglycerides were so high they were beyond testing and my Doctor just said over 700. I stopped using medicines and switched strictly to this product. As a Type II Diabetic I get tested every 4 months. The first test after switching my Cholesterol was 250s and Triglycerides were in the 300s. My doctor thought it was the latest drug (Crestor). When he was informed what I had done he insisted I go back on the drug. I didn’t. 4 Months later my Cholesterol was under 200 and so were the Triglycerides. They have maintained or decreased each visit for several years. A friend with similar problems with Cholesterol and Tris, who was taking a drug, did the same with similar results. Another family member has just started trial of “Heart Savior.”

– Flintstoneon December 8, 2013

Works I just been on this for about two to three months now and I got my blood check October 5 th I got the letter yesterday Oct. 15th saying my blood results are normal the last 3 times I had it check I had high cholesterol it was around 250 some where around there and I haven’t changed up my eating habit much at all just a little bit when I got it check the previous time I was doing more with my eating and I work out 5 days a week and it was still high…I am 33 and a African American so I am automatic to be at risk work well it’s all natural ..thank God:)

– Es3636on October 16, 2012

My cholesterol count before taking Heart Savior was 255, after 2 mos. on it my cholesterol count was 203. I am thrilled and will keep taking it. My doctors kept trying to get me to take prescription statins for my cholesterol and I kept refusing. Now I can tell them HS works!

– Barb Warringtonon October 15, 2012


My Family Doctor Recommended!

My Family Doctor of Internal Medicine recommended this product instead of the 80MG of Lipitor (Atorvastatin), that I was taking. She said she had treated others that had symptoms related to Lipitor like myself, and that Heart Savior and dropping Lipitor would help. Would never have taken this without the advise of my Doctor and so far so good. More blood tests are on-the way. Remember you will be taking 4 capsules per day when ordering.

UPDATE: December 2014 Still using and Wife too. Used volume coupon to save more on this great product. I suffered from Lipitor poisoning but was left with neuropathy in feet but otherwise have fully recovered now. Since half my body shut down I really thought the end was near. After numerous tests and ER visits finally my new Doctor told me to stop taking Lipitor and she was right.

– Rick B. Mooreon March 2, 2013


I took this product for two months. I worked on my diet but did not exercise as I am disabled. But diet and Heart Savior lowered my cholesterol by eleven points in just two months!

-Maria Guerra “mdguerra”on October 22, 2012

Great non-prescription for lowering cholesterol!

My doctor wanted to put me on a prescription to lower my cholesterol. I did some research, found this product, printed label, showed to my doctor. He told me to go ahead and give it a try–since then blood work has shown good and bad cholesterols both where they should be or better.

– Annette on June 27, 2013

Works great!

This product has lowered my cholesterol and also seems to help maintain my sugar levels, I forgot to order more and ran out so I picked up some red yeast rice at the store. It didn’t take long to notice the difference. Red yeast rice just isn’t as effective alone.

– Dawnon May 7, 2013

5255 to 193

My total cholesterol dropped from 255 to 193 with one bottle. I did modify my diet a bit, but I still eat foods I like. I had side effects with several prescription meds and and quit taking them a year ago. I had no side effects with this product. I was very pleasantly surprised by my results and just ordered another bottle.

– Fry daddyon May 22, 2013


This stuff really works!

My doctor and my husband’s cardiologist were both very impressed with our results. The service from this company is great too. I bought initially because of the money back guarantee, but sure didn’t have to use it. And we just continue to order the Heart Savior. Much better and safer than a statin, IMHO, that is.

– Amazon Customeron November 12, 2013

Great Product

I have been using this product for over a year now and there is a significant difference in how I feel. I does what it claims, my HDL has increased and my LDL has lowered and my total cholesterol has definitely gone down.

– P Thompsonon November 22, 2013

Low good cholesterol was a long term result in my annual lab blood work affecting my good to bad cholesterol ratios. My physician wanted to put me on a statin drug but with the potential side effects I chose HeartSavior instead and in 60 days increased my good cholesterol from 38 to 53 and went from a 5.2 high risk ratio to an acceptable 3.8.

– Roger Thielenon February 11, 2013

Outstanding !

Truly outstanding ! All of my heart attacks have abated … it’s amazing how fast this supplement has changed my life !!

– Rick H.on May 4, 2013


A Miracle!

With cholesterol at 282 I was on the verge of prescription medication. My physician gave me 90 days to lower my cholesterol to 199 because he knows I prefer natural supplements. I was disappointed after receiving the bottle and reading that it’s used to maintain normal cholesterol, but had nothing to lose.

When they called 3 months later to say my blood test showed cholesterol had dropped to 183, I almost cried. Triglycerides went from 255 to 142. LDL 188 to 114.  My cholesterol hasn’t been this low in over 15 years and I’m now signed up for automatic shipments. This supplement is the best ever, absolutely wonderful!

– gramalynon November 12, 2013

Satisfied customer.

I had some muscle problems with a statin drug I had used before and so have been working on diet and exercise and was able to keep my total cholesterol between 205 and 230. Knowing my aversion to statins, my doc recommended some non-traditional items, and that’s when I found Heart Savior. After 3 months of 2 pills twice a day, my total cholesterol was down to 180. So, I am satisfied. But everyone’s metabolism is different. Do your homework.

– TomCon December 6, 2013

Cholesterol dropped from 285 to 230.  So excited! Have been taking Heart Savior about 3 months & my cholesterol went down from 285 to 230. Amazing!

– S. Woodsonon November 28, 2013


I was skeptical as usual when trying another supplement. But Heart Savior is everything it says it is to my surprise. My good cholesterol was up and my bad cholesterol was down significantly. I’ve been taking it six months now, and it really works. I did not want to take those statin drugs, and now I don’t have to. Great product!

– Swannyon November 7, 2013

I had tried both fish oil and niacin, with no results. HEART SAVIOR is keeping me off statins!!  I have seen my cholesterol drop and I have made no other changes to attribute this to. I hope it is Heart Savior, as I continue to take it.

– Rhonda McCammonon November 3, 2013

This is a good way to bring your cholestrol down

This is a good way to bring your cholestrol down, works well for me and i have even seen the results in my blood test. not sure if it work work for everyone but it does for me.

– Mark Wighton October 7, 2013

No prescription necessary.  My blood work numbers have improved since using this product..I will continue to test for further good results. Delightful that I can try a natural product over a prescription..I don’t even have to give warnings as I got from a suggested prescription.

– Patricia A. Deeter on September 21, 2013

Great! This product has worked well with my husband and myself. Amazon should have enough in stock for future orders. Thank you for making it easier for us that lives far my the mainland.

– Luana R. Tavale on September 12, 2013


I TRYED IT AND IT WORKS. It works what else can i say.pp pp pp pp pp pp pp. Idid not want the drugs the doctor was offering. It works. 50 points and more..

– lrs on September 3, 2013

Powerful supplement that works

Basically this supplement is for Ron Dello Russo and he has been taking it for a few months. It has lowered his cholestorol significatly and shall be ordering a two month supply, shortly. Ron states that since taking Heart Savior he does not have to take and prescribed drugs (Statin). Leg cramps have eased up. Thank you

– Ronald Dello Russo on June 3, 2013


No longer taking prescription meds!

My husband had been taking prescription medication for cholesterol for years. Most of that time suffering with several side effects that affected his quality of life. He did some research on natural replacements for his prescription medication. Heart Savior seemed to have everything he was looking for. And that was pretty much the end of that type of prescription medication for him. He still gets regular check ups and blood work to keep up with where his levels are and so far so good. He has been taking Heart Savior for about 2 yrs. It is very important to still get your levels checked.

– Stephanie Rhodes on May 1, 2013

It’s a natural product.!

I haven’t had my blood tested yet to see if it is controlling my cholesterol but believe it will help and its natural and not chemicals.

–  Diabetic on January 9, 2013

Heart Savior Sensation
All natural
Side Effect Free
So far so GOOD
Recommend it I would!

Works with little effort. Works in HARMONY. It sure beats pharmacuticals and it sure WORKS for ME!

– Slick Willie on October 27, 2012

My total cholesterol, HDL and LDL blood tests showed some abnormalities. i was concerned, trying a diet low in fat and high in fiber. I exercised daily. Ate lots of salmon and other recomended fish. Ate little to no red meat. I was prescribed several of the cholesterol lowering meds. but experienced severe side effects, i.e. muscle cramping pains and muscle weakness.

I then started using Cholestof Off. That worked but the pill was so large and difficult to swallow.

I therefore did further research and stumbled across Heart Savior and decided to try it. It worked. It dropped my overall cholesterol from 235 to 203 within a 90 day period. Be aware, though, I also kicked up my exercises, walking daily and jogging in place at night in the privacy of my home while watching the 11:00 p.m. news. I discussed the use of my new regimen with my Primary care physician. She was impressed; went on line and checked it out. She mentioned to me at my last visit that she is now recommending Heart Savior to many of her patients who are unable to tolerate prescribed cholesterol lowering meds.

I have also shared my success story with friends who have switched to the Heart Savior caps.

– Yvonne E. Smith on May 9, 2013


Heart Savior success story
After having unsatisfactory experience with statin drugs, I found another product which lowered my cholesterol 60 points. When the manufacturer stopped making that product I searched for another and found Heart Savior which was rated even higher. After using Heart Savior my cholesterol levels dropped even more. After experiencing a heart attack I was put on a statin and continued using Heart Savior. My cholesterol was 138 when I left the hospital. About 8 weeks later it was 83 and my statin dosage was cut in half. I experienced no side effects using Heart Savior and dropped my cholesterol levels significantly. I will continue using Heart Savior and recommending it to others.

– Jon Dough on November 23, 2013


Miracle stuff!

My doctor had put me on Simvastatin but I developed certain health issues so I had to stop taking it.
Recently, I came across the HeartSavior and red yeast rice has been suggested to me by a friend so now after taking this for two months my cholesterol has dropped from 260 to 190! And the best: NO side effects whatsoever and what I especially like – no special diet!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


– Beach Boy 9999 on January 4, 2014


My cholesterol levels have been steadily rising so my doc prescribed Simvastatin but I ended up with bad side effects (leg cramps). I heard about Heart Savior and decided to give it a try for one year (until my next lab tests). My doc thought I was wasting my time and I am a doubter but I gave this product an honest shot regardless for an entire year. I just went to the lab two days ago for my new blood work. I am floored that both levels of my cholesterol went down by just over 50 POINTS! I am back in the “safe” range and plan on staying there by using this product for life! I am a BELIEVER!

– Bob L. on December 26, 2014

I’ve been taking this for about 3 years now and it works beautifully! I had to quit taking statins as they just about killed me. The cure was worse than the problem. Heart Savior was my natural cure in approximately 2-1/2 months and my cholesterol went from 275 down to 214. My doctor was astounded and asked what I was taking. I gave her the empty bottle. She said she had other patients who could not take statins and my success with Heart Savior was her answer!

– NJB on February 17, 2015


I’ve had high cholesterol since my 50’s and had good but expensive results with chelation back then.  It’s safe, no side effects whatsoever, and lowered my cholesterol as effectively as the prescription medicine which negatively affected my stamina during exercise. I’ve had high cholesterol since my 50’s and had good but expensive results with chelation back then. I am now 67 and the combination of these supplements are working! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to combine this with a healthy diet incorporating more produce on the plate

– JR on July 18, 2014

Unbelievable. Wow after taking this for 1 month my lipid panel is back down to normal. Before total cholesterol 314, Triglerides 267, LDL 214, HDL 46 and ratio 6.8. After 1 month, total cholesterol 197, triglerides 150, LDL 121, HDL 46 and ratio 4.3. I did go for walk 4-5 times a week.Would recommend.

– aaaaaaaaaaa on April 26, 2014

Really works.  A friend suggested I try this because I wanted to stop using prescription meds.
My numbers lowered tremendously with a combination of diet and Heart Savior.
I won’t be without it.

– Sharon Gannon on December 14, 2013


My cholesterol had been elevated (~239) for a few years. My doctor wanted me to take the various medications (Lipotor,, Zocor, Zetia, etc.) but I did not want to deal with the possible side effects. I decided to try Heart savior in December 2012. By Feb 2013 I was down to 207, by June 2013 down to 192, and my latest reading Nov 2013 down to 186. I have not changed any eating or exercise habits, so I attribute the decrease to Heart Savior. I would recommend that you try it as an alternative to the prescription medications to see if it works for you. Because of the Inositol Hexanicotinate some people might feel a a flushing sensation at first use, but it will go away. It works for me.

– M. Hawkins on November 22, 2013


So far so good.  The verdict is still out about this product. It does seem to help lower cholesterol based on preliminary test from doctor. It can be taken with krill oil to really lower cholesterol in people who did to get it down quickly.

– B. Robinson “Texas” on October 9, 2013

Unexpected, unbelievable! You must try this supplement!

This is the first Amazon review I’ve ever taken the time to write. I don’t need to make this flowery or elaborate. My results speak for themselves. In 3 months exactly, I dropped my total cholesterol 18 pts, LDL 23 pts, triglycerides 10 pts and increased my HDL (good cholesterol) 8 pts. These improvements happened with no diet changes and no increase in exercise. I work in the corporate wellness industry and will be telling my clients about this supplement!

– Wendyon September 10, 2013


Im still waiting on blood work. So far so good, but will know the true effects soon. Arrived on time, packaging in good shape. I read about this product, did a lot of research. I am trying hard to avoid statin drugs, and I’m trying to get my LDL down from 145 to an acceptable number. I’m hoping it works, with all I researched, its promising. Well, blood results came back, and the supplement didn’t work. My numbers went up! Cholesterol from 199 to 212 and LDL still at 145. So, now I’ve ordered Flax seed oil with Omega 3 and CoQ10 200 mgs. I had better luck years ago, with that combination. Updated 8/22/2013

– Ali on April 11, 2013

Great Product that works.  First review I have written, when I started using Heart Savior my total cholesterol was 215, ldl was 146. After being on Heart Savior for a few months, just got blood work results and my total cholesterol dropped from 215 to 177 and my ldl dropped from 146 to 112. I am impressed and will continue to use, great product and it works.

– Stephen P Danowski on December 12, 2013


Very good reviews. Too soon to make a call. I have only been on it for about a month. No side effects yet!

– Don on July 28, 2014

Cholestrol melted down in 30 days.  In 30 days my cholestrol dropped from 254 to 140, i took 4 pills daily and it really worked!

– Marwa on January 4, 2015

Excellent product!  I HIGHLY recommend this product! I’m no longer on prescription statins for high cholesterol (didn’t like the side effects of the drugs). My cholesterol IS dropping, and I did an experiment for 3 months to see what happens on and off. DEFINITELY works. I’m now hooked for life and buy them 4 at a time: buy 3 get 1 free with free shipping. Comes to ~$26/bottle! Each bottle lasts a month. It seems costly over time, but much better to use natural ingredients vs a drug with side effects.

There ARE other red yeast rice products on the market, but THIS one has other essential ingredients.

– ATLGourmet on August 22, 2014

No,statin side effects.  Helps maintain lipids at 170. This is 40 less than previous. No muscle aches.

– annieon December 10, 2014

It does work.  I am one of those people who cannot tolerate statins. My cholesterol is high and my cardiologist wanted me to go on a statin. I explained to him my issues and he suggested this product. I had to slowly build up to 4 capsules per day and it did reduce my cholestrol. When he suggested I double the dosage I experienced the same issue I get with statins so have back off to recommended dosage and that is the best I can do.

– Meryl Guzinsky “Maggi G.”on November 13, 2014

Approved this and I’m still doing good after 1 year with no side affects at all.  As long as I do my part and take it faithfully it does work. I started with 4 capsules daily, went to 2 daily after 2 weeks. After one month my total cholesterol dropped 55 points, LDL 52 points, HDL remained total 53. My Dr. approved this and I’m still doing good after 1 year with no side affects at all. It does work as long as you eat healthy and take 2 daily as directed!

– Conni Hofmann on August 21, 2014

It is a good example for trying natural remedies first.  This product is a godsend. It is a good example for trying natural remedies first. My cholesterol was over 300 in June. In August it was 237. All I did was take these as directed. Naturally I started reading labels in the grocery store faithfully. The only thing I changed was counting and keeping my cholesterol consumption below 200 per day. Wonderful product.

– Marylou Ogle on September 4, 2014


– Jeanne McGrath on July 10, 2014


Simply Amazing!!!!!

I am totally astounded by the effectiveness of this product. In 14 days, yes, only 14 days, my total cholesterol decreased by 34% and my LDL decreased by 43%. Some of the best cholesterol numbers I’ve had in longer than I can remember. In the interest of full disclosure, during this two week period, I did not change my exercise (i.e., I don’t exercise); I modestly improved my diet (I ate salads for lunch — with dressing and various toppings including meats and cheeses, tried to eat seafood for dinner, and laid off the sweets after dinner) — I’ve tried improvements in my diet in the past, and have never gotten these kind of results nor results this fast. I did not have a significant change in my weight during the period — so the diet improvement was not impactful in terms of calories. I followed the directions on the package (two pills, twice a day), except that I tended to have them with my meals rather than before the meals. I can’t explain it, other than to say it worked for me.

– Amazon Customer on July 7, 2014

On a recommendation from a friend and very very reluctant to use prescribed statins due to side effects, tried this formula and it reduced by husband’s cholesterol count 100 points!!!

– Sonia L. Sheppardon June 30, 2014

Natural Alternative a Plus.  I have not had my blood checked so I will not be able to definitively say that this product works, but I can say that I have not experienced any side effects. I can also say that I believe weight loss is associated with this product. I will update this review once my blood work is done again.

– Taielam on June 28, 2014

Heart Savior is the correct name.  This product really seems to work. My husband prefers this product more than statins. I’m so glad I found this product.

– Nikki Kygeron June 27, 2014

Where has this stuff been all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the reviews and decided to give this a try since the statins where leaving me with side effects I am still trying to reverse. I have been taking Heart Savior for about six months. My test results came in the mail today and my cholesterol had dropped ten points. I had not changed anything except this. Now I am going to incorporate a healthy diet along with Heart Savior. I am glad to be among all of you highly satisfied Heart Savior consumers. Purchasing Heart Savior is one of the best decisions I have ever made thanks to your reviews.

– Valerie on June 26, 2014


Really works.

They were going to put me on Satins. Thank God I run into Heart Savior. I been on it for about one year and my cholesterol is normal. My husband is almost there. Thank you Dr. Rob for caring and sharing such a wonderful natural way to get cholesterol lower.

– sunflower on June 9, 2014

Great Product!

This product has worked wonders in getting my cholesterol down. I highly recommend it. My cholesterol is in the normal range.

– Maria dalia on June 1, 2014


Good delivery but too soon to tell if results are better.  I’m still waiting for my next blood test to see if results have changed. New Health is reliable and delivers promptly.

– Elaine Fogel on May 13, 2014


Works for me–so far

I could not take the prescription cholesterol drugs because of the side effects. At my check-up in November, 2013 , my total cholesterol was 251. Dr. recommended a new drug– Welchol. I never took it. I had heard that red yeast rice might help so I found an over-the counter product– HeartSavior– which contains red yeast rice plus 4 other herbs. Started taking it after my November check-up and when I went for my March, 2014 check-up my cholesterol was down to 177. My Doctor did warned me that there were some reports or side effects with red yeast rice. None yet that I know of.

– RMW. on April 23, 2014


Being faced with high cholesterol was an eye opener for better health.

I took Heart Savior for 5 months and retested my cholesterol. I went from 253 down to 186 total. The LDL went from 181 to 126. Good HDL dropped however from 55 to 49. I have adjusted my diet some with less eggs, cheese, red meat and more vegies and fruit. Since the red yeast rice works as a statin, I am having my liver tested as well. Only noticed cramps in my toes at night sometimes but not sure if it is from Heart Savior or the way I am sleeping. So far, so good with Heart Savior and I will keep taking it as long as my cholesterol drops.

– B. Krusee on March 27, 2014

Knock me over with feather!

I read the reviews but was still a bit skeptical. Total cholesterol has always runaround 250-ish and every time I hit the doc, out come the statins and whatever else and all the side effects.

I’m really sensitive to statins and have some bad side effects but they do work on lowering my numbers. After this last round of statins and feeling bogus most of the time, I stopped them and had some blood work done.

Total was 240, ldl was 160. Doc wanted me to take statins again but I wanted to find an alternative and came across heart savior..

By the time I got around to ordering it and starting taking it, I only had about 45 days before my next blood work.

Just this past Wednesday, went to the doc to review my results and my total dropped to 205, ldl to 119. My diet has the worst ever lately so I was expecting horrid results but was pleasantly surprised. Docs response was to keep taking it and get retested in July.

Pretty happy with the results and total lack of any side effects.

– Mark Hoogendoorn “Potatoe” on March 23, 2014

Can’t speak for anyone else but this is one of …

Can’t speak for anyone else but this is one of the few herbal products that actually works for me. I test my cholesterol at home and Heart Savior absolutely works to keep it well below 200. I still take 2 caps every day. My doctor has verified my new low readings as well.

– David Mihalic on March 7, 2015

I am a believer!

My reading for total C was 222 with high Triglecirides and high LDC. Took Heart Saviour for 30 days and had my C rechecked. Total Ccame down to 176, Triglycerides decreased 45% and LDC reduced 40%. No side effects at all. I recommend the product!

– Howard Baker on October 3, 2014


It really works.

Works excellent and showed on my cholesterol tests. I take a third of my generic lipitor now. Ingredients are the real thing and I only take 2 a day.  This works for sure and hope it stays availible. 5 star product.

– EcoActive on April 9, 2015


I have been on it for a month now and will go back to get my blood work done to see where my cholesterol levels are after I finish the 2 bottles and will post it on line . My cholesterol count was at 253 May of 2014.

– Rakesh R Lal on October 6, 2014


I love this product. ..2 years.user now…replacement to my simvastatin…works so good ..no side effects. ..Lower cholesterol fast specially taking this capsules 30min.before meals…I will rate 5*****

– maelang4rd on March 15, 2015


I was glad to hear this.  The doctor said my cholesterol had improved after using this product. I was glad to hear this, because I was not happy with the side effects of the prescription med I was taking.

– Connie Diaz on November 22, 2014

This is a great product. I lowered my cholesterol 40 points across the board in just 2 months. The secret is to take this as directed faithful. Far superior to Staten drugs IMO.

– shopsalot on August 25, 2014

Don’t pass up a chance to drop your Cholesterol ! Best Cholesterol supplimemt far and away on the market. Been taking Heart Savior for 6 years in first 6 mo dropped my numbers from 258 to 173. It works !!

– Whipzilla on January 19, 2015

Been taking it for 4 weeks now and will find out next month at my physical if it has worked. Does not bother my stomach at all

–  S. Adams “san” on January 27, 2015

Works for me!  In conjunction with a change in diet I realized a 30 point improvement in my total cholesterol numbers in three months.

– Richard M. Thomas on October 17, 2014

Happy with my purchase.  I was on this product years ago and it worked very well. The order came on time. I will order this product again.

– Debbie on January 1, 2015

Not bad for an old fart.  I went from total cholesterol in the 230s to 153 in one month. I am a male who will turn 72 within a week.

– James D. McKenna on September 24, 2014


Really liked Heart Savior. Brought my cholesterol right down and for the most part it has stayed down.

– Sqeeky Clean on August 31, 2014

I can’t say if this is working but ordered two months worth. Anything would be a improvement.

– P. Doughty on September 26, 2014


Product arrived quickly. my husband has been using it for years..it’s better than colestoff

– Chris on January 1, 2015

It has helped lower my cholesterol. Not completely, but a definite improvement.

– James R. on March 8, 2015

My cholesterol was lowered by approximately 50 points in less than 6 months!

– Janet Westerlund on August 28, 2014

It worked great for me.  I had my cholesterol at 260 last year. this year my cholesterol is 160:)

– pamela hiebert on December 3, 2014


BEEN GREAT FOR MY CHOLESTRAL.  My neighbor put me onto it AMEN

– Pamela J Solich on December 6, 2014

Helps me with my battle with cholesterol. It works!

– D. BURRELL “gardenbear” on January 22, 2015

Quick delivery and the price was right.

– Christine P on March 5, 2015

Lower cholesterol.  Lowers 1 point a day off your totals..

– K. T on January 24, 2015

3rd order of this product

– Buster “C. Hedrick” on March 17, 2015

Has been doing the trick.

– DIANE on January 3, 2015

OK so far.  I have had no side effects from taking this so far. Seems alright.

It took a little longer to receive it than I would have liked but eventually I got it. There was confusion about needing a signature from the recipient. Otherwise OK.

– Bookfan “goodtaste” on October 14, 2013

Will order again

– Marian Gabriel on February 25, 2015

Brought our cholesterol down quickly.  Very good….

– i-hate-spam on March 3, 2015

Great value!

– Jan on August 20, 2014

Well I gave it 3 stars because I haven’t receive it yet, but
I’ve used something like this in the past and it works just fine, better
then the satan drugs your Doc gets a kick back from

– Williamon May 6, 2014

Fantastic product!

My wife loves it. It brought her cholesterol down from 320 to 208 within six months. She will continue to use the product as long as it is in production.

– Glenn Strobl on February 24, 2014


It works

– bshr. on September 1, 2014

Didn’t see the lab results on my cholesterol/triglycerides from my last physical, but my doctor said everything looked fine and didn’t give me the usual lecture about diet and exercise. Seems to be working as advertised.

– Gerald R. Richard on September 19, 2014

It really works !

Very effective alternative for those who experience high cholesterol ! At first I was skeptical but I’ve been using it for three years. My doctor was amazed at the decrease in my cholesterol level.

– Ralphie on October 29, 2014


– Levon on July 10, 2014


Lower cholesterol.  Hopefully it works

– Rhea Pollock on February 11, 2015