Cardiologist finds natural treatment to lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.

Ken had several risk factors for heart disease but the popular prescription statin drugs gave him debilitating side effects.

Ken’s cardiologist had him take the very comprehensive and expensive Berkeley test which provides a highly detailed risk profile analysis for heart disease. “Unfortunately 11 of the 17 markers were seriously negative.

“Since I previously had tried many of the statins including Lipitor, Zocor, Vytorin, Crestor and Zetia, all with very debilitating side effects (mainly muscle & joint pain), I refused to go that route. I even tried Niaspan which caused severe flushing.”

“After extensive research, I discovered HeartSavior™. I took the Berkeley test again after being on HeartSavior for only 60 days. The results were amazing. Only 3 indicators are not in the normal range but even those 3 were lowered dramatically. I’m sure they too will be in the normal range when I take this test again in 4 months. My total cholesterol came down from 248 to 188, my LDL from 191 to 133, my CRP (indicates inflammation) was 4.0 and now is 1.1 (under 3 is desirable, but 1.0 is the ideal). LP extended range and LP Plasma 2 both dropped by approximately 50%.”

“My cardiologist was stunned and yet thrilled to learn that such a fantastic product exists.” K.B West Palm, FL

HeartSavior not only lowers LDL cholesterol, triglycerides it also reduces inflammation in the arteries that is often the cause of heart disease. HeartSavior also includes CoQ10 that reverses the aging process of the heart muscle plus HeartSavior improves circulatory and cardiovascular health.

“My cholesterol was 275, but worse than that, my cardiologist was alarmed when his retina scanning device detected high levels of plaque and calcium in my blood vessels indicating stroke and heart attack risk. At 29 years old, I was terrified. After taking this formula for 9 months my cholesterol dropped 50% and my cardiologist’s retina scanner showed the plaque and calcium in my blood vessels dissipated. My cardiologist and I are ecstatic.” Chris D. of Hermosa Beach, CA